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Some of the most frequently asked questions

How do I become a member?
  1. Sign up to create your account.
  2. Pay the membership fee and fill out our group’s registration form.
  3. Choose and pay for any sub-groups you’re interested in joining.
  4. Gain access to both your selected sub-groups and the main group.

It costs N2,000 to become an affiliate. Once you’ve made your payment, a personalized link with a commission percentage will be generated for you. You’ll earn a monthly fee based on the sales made through your link.

  1. You become an esteemed artsmith!
  2. Opportunities for networking and collaborations with other smiths.
  3. Regular updates on job opportunities.
  4. Exposure to a large audience for marketing purposes.
  5. Potential to earn money through various activities.
  6. Exclusive hangouts and social events.
  7. Recognition within the community.
  8. (And a few more reasons to remind you that) You’re an artsmith!

You can support us through donations or by participating in our events and activities. Additionally, help us grow by marketing our community, creating awareness, and telling your friends and potential smiths about us.

We’re keen on partnering with brands to enhance visibility and create awareness. If you’re interested in collaborating, let’s talk!